Sunday, 18 January 2015

A Pimple Can Change Your Life

A pimple can change your life may sound cheesy and tagline of some other brand but it is apt for the pimple too. Pimple is one of the most annoying things when it is on your own face or on face of someone you love. You cannot help but get distracted by that little bulge on their cheek or forehead while conversing with them. People try hard to eliminate it from their face and their life. It is quite understandable because no matter how much we say that looks doesn’t matter but in the professional world presentation does matter and you would not want to present your face as a hilly terrain.

Well many might think of the statement of being presentable to be offensive but it is not so. A healthy clean and vibrant face means a healthy body and mind and can help you get that extra stretch in your professional life. It can also be helpful in your love life also because no matter how much your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you they would always prefer to kiss a cheek without pimple than the one with it.

There is one small incident that happened with one my good friends. We studied together in college and she needed a job very badly because she had took educational loan. She had good communication skills and was an average student like me but was very hard working. She got an interview call from one of the local startups for the post of Business Development Executive. She went for the interview and the interview went quite well. She got a regret mail from the company stating they hired a more qualified individual. After few days the same company gave an advertisement for the same post, she was agitated because the company misguided her. She contacted one of the employees in the company (who was our friend) and asked him to find out the reason for her rejection. The answer that came was shocking. The interviewer did not find her presentable.

Throughout the whole year you can find one or two pimples on her face smiling at you. She understood the reason and searched for the ways through which she can eliminate them.

She called me when she got placed in a good company and at really good package. She shared the whole story with me. I listened to her and one thing that I noticed was her face was vibrant and clean. There were no more pimples on her face. I complemented her for appearance and she said she has been using a secret cream for her face. I asked if she could reveal the name of the cream to which she agreed. The word that came out was GarnierFace Wash. She shared her experience of using the face wash and how it has helped her.

From that time I have also started using GarnierFace Wash. It has helped me with my oily skin and has come real handy for the special occasions too.  

If you are also have trouble with pimples try it out, it is worth it. 

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