Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Start today succeed tomorrow

Let us start everything from the beginning. 
I should probably say let’s start everything from the basic.  Life is full of joy in
taken from 
the beginning where you take out your school bags and leave the house at exact time every single day. Come back with the same amount of home works and go to sleep hoping that one day you will not have to do this. As you further move on school is been replaced with college and home works replaced by assignments. In every batch of engineering one guy can tell you how hard it is to finish the assignments because the rest of them are just copying. I hadn’t copy assignments I just improvise them.  Once you are done with your studies then you start job.

You don’t get home works, it just your work you carry to your home.  We think that office is not allowing us to work and once we reach our home suddenly the lazy bug bites you and you start to find the way outs to avoid work.  This cycle goes on and on. You get breaks in between for family visit or a trip with friends or boozing. Whatever you call it, but yes you are stuck in the cycle. So from where the things start falling bad? Everything is just same except the fact that now you are getting salary credited in your account and you avoid asking money from your dad.

Well the problem is at the beginning. Instead of asking why I should do home work or why this question is a home work.  We simply finish it. We know only two things i.e. task and deadline. We don’t care about the end results.  Same follow in our job as well. Well old days can’t come back but at least we can change our present. Instead of taking our work home or trying to find our own uniqueness, we can look for the best opportunity ahead of us. 
One should think quietly what he wants to do or what he wants. Just be clear on that and then give your best. If you want an iphone then see how you can save money for it or how you will pay emi. If you are aiming a promotion then see how you get it. Ask question at least to yourself and yes don’t seek answer from others before researching. First research (google can provide you data on everything) then seek people’s opinion and then device a strategy.  Don’t follow any one blindly just collect the facts and then analyze what should be done. Sounds simple?
So just write down your goal then the question like how to achieve it? What things are required?  Also, avoid repeating the childhood mistake (i.e. following the method of instructor). Start looking for answers, prepare the rough road map to goals then seek opinion from people. In this manner you will easily get all the answers and a solid strategy.

If you have any queries regarding the same then just drop me a mail at vishwasnyaik@gmail.com or you can message me at facebook -  vishwasnyaik.  I will be happy to help you out. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I saw them dying

I saw them dying
I saw them dying everyday
Some are dead naturally
Some are result of calamity
      In the end all are dead

People cry, people sob
There are many things left untold
Is there life is worthless?
Or they are just victims
If they are victims
Then who is responsible
Is it the society, hope
People, relationships or


Saturday, 8 October 2016


One day you said I am not alone
I have the world with me..
The rain falls for me
The sun rise for me...
Everything around me is for me only

I knitted my life around this thought
One day you left me alone
With this illusion of yours

I am still in the illusion
Too afraid to break it
You know I am all alone inside

And will always be in.....

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How To Turn Good Mornings In To Gold Mornings


Gold morning is not really a morning that only the princes and kings enjoy in a bathroom made of gold with tooth brush made out of gold too. It is a thought, a thought about having a priced morning. A morning that is precious and noble like the noble metal gold.

For me gold morning is a morning where I would wake up and feel happy, clean and active. Gold morning is that mornings where when I wake up don’t worry about going out of work to work. Not just doing my same routine work without interest but having enthusiasm to indulge into the task assigned to me. It is about accepting life and letting you flow with the powers of universe.

A gold morning is one when I would wake up brush my teeth with amazing Colgate 360 charcoal gold toothbrush and with Colgate toothpaste. It is great to brush my teeth, tongue, cheek and gums with the brush and getting refreshed with the experience. After brushing my teeth it is about cleaning my mouth with the Colgate plax mouthwash and welcome #Colgate360GoldMornings.

After brushing my teeth toothbrush and the mouthwash it is time for a walk in the park right in front of my house and listening to the music of nature. It is something that soothes you. The air is clean and the wind is gentle. Listening to the sound of world as it wakes up. Seeing those birds get out of their homes and sing for the praise of the sun. A Walk with bare feet on the grass that is still wet from the dew of the last night. Feel lighter and pure as I look at the sky that is changing color from red to blue. It is about recognizing the beauty of nature and appreciating it.

After that spa like experience for my mouth it is time to hit the gym. Nothing is better than working out in the morning with full energy and feeling that energy running down your body throughout the day. Running down the treadmill and lifting those weights and sweating out all the laziness from within.

After working out at the gym it is about heading towards kitchen to prepare my breakfast. Cut onions and tomatoes for the omelet and toasting the bread. Once done with that, it is time for my glass of milk with a spoon with powdered chocolate.

Sitting on table and digging into the breakfast that I prepared and enjoying the perfect taste of everything exactly the way I like it.  It is a perfect gold morning for me that would elate my soul. 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Ratan Tata- Impactful Person

Ratan Tata is a person who is respected not just in India but abroad. He makes our nation proud. He is one of those individuals who have done not just one but many great things in his life. Under his leadership Tata group has reached new heights.

One thing that makes so great is the humility. He is just so simple and does what he feels right about. There is one step that he took for the individuals of the country which I really appreciate. That step is launching a car that would create a new all together. That car is Tata Nano.

The idea was to make the travel of the individuals in the country safer. There are number of accidents that happen on two wheelers when there are two pillions behind the rider. It becomes really unsafe when a couple is riding through the busy streets with a few year old babies. They keep the life of the entire family at stake.

The idea came to Ratan Tata for making an affordable car for the common man of India. They wanted to keep the price of the car as close to that of bike so that individuals can enjoy their safe drive with entire family. Such a thought behind the creation of the world’s cheapest car and then making it into a reality is really something that needs to be applauded.

The idea of make an impact lives of many and offering something to society for their good is what makes this group and this man a truly great individual. When I hear the word Ratan Tata I can imagine a person with great integrity and vision. You admire him and respect him for what he is.

What makes him one of most respected individuals of the country is the way he goes about his business. His honesty and commitment for the society, for the country is just great. He is not only a good human being but a great businessman too. He identifies the opportunity and makes decisions which are profitable for him and for the society. His vision and intention to innovate makes his character. He is role model for many and various business houses follow his business ethics.

What make him such an impactful person are the attitude and the intent with which he carries his business forward. He was able to create impact on life of many individuals because he believed in what he did and had a plan to execute it. He had the resources and he used those resources to realize the dream he had. It was his vision and with that vision he created impact on the society.

If you know of any individual whom you find impactful then you can mention his story in the comment section below.

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Navigate Through Impactful Hobbies For Peppy Fantastico Muiscal Life


Hobbies are those things that make you feel alive and kick the stress out of your life. When we work on the something we love without any thought of reward that is when we give it a touch of our being to it. Some people like reading while some like to write, for some staying outdoors is fun while for some indoor is more awesome.

Hobbies do not only work as stress buster but it can also help you do some networking. It helps you create connections with individuals without any monetary interest. When you meet individuals who like the same thing you love to do it elates you. There are many great stories about love and friendship that started with such common interest called hobbies.

When you are indulging in what you love you become yourself and you should become that more often than not. I have seen individuals who just work day after day without paying attention to them and end up getting frustrated from their job. As they say “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy” becomes a reality of your life.

If you don’t want to be that dull boy and be happy, peppy and enthusiastic then indulge in the activity you love to do. It can be anything from dancing, sketching, writing to even chit chatting with your friends or going out for a walk with your four legged friend.

My hobby is playing guitar and I love it. I love it because the power it gives me to communicate my thoughts to other without words. Music gives me that inner peace because when I strike a chord or when I play a tune I feel more alive and energetic. I don’t just feel as if exist but I feel as if I am alive. When I sit and jam with my friends, we don’t need words to communicate our thought to each other because for that we have our instruments.

Hobbies are fantastic; if you have travel as your hobby then you can easily understand what a fantastico experience is that. Exploring new places and being you without caring much about surroundings. Not paying attention to what people will think, to be away from all those judging eyes.

There are also individuals who make their hobbies as their career but it not always easy to do that. To make a successful career out of your hobby, you got to plan your actions well. You got to navigate through the odds and take the decisions that are beneficial for you and help you grow.

Whenever you feel bored and frustrated just think about the stuff you love to and make you happy. If you are not good at it then learn it and do it. It is bound to make you feel great and give a whole new dimension to your life. 

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Impact Of Love

I was waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive. It was raining and I was getting late. I gazed at my watch and then at the road. There were many individuals like me at the stop who were waiting desperately for the bus to arrive. Finally the bus arrived and people pushed each other to get into the bus that was always already almost full. In the hustle someone’s hand made my specs fly without wings. I got out of the way of the crowd and searched for my specs but was not able to find. Then suddenly I heard someone call me from behind. It was the sweetest excuse me that I ever heard in my life.

I looked back and there she was. An angel partially drenched in rain with wet hair sticking to the cheek. She handed the specs to me, which cracked a little. She said she would pay for it. I asked why you would pay for it. She said it was she who made my specs fly. I said its okay but she insisted. I said okay.

Then again there we were standing at the stop and waiting for the next bus to arrive. We started talking to each other and exchanged few general questions. She looked so innocent and cute in the yellow Salwar Suit she was wearing. Then the bus arrived, we boarded the bus and reached our offices.

We almost met daily at the step and soon became good friends. We exchanged phone numbers and it became a routine for us to talk on phone and whatsapp. We would wait for each other at the bus stop and go to office in the same bus.

I was smitten. I loved talking to her and then came 14th not of February but of September. I said what I felt for her and she blushed and replied that she felt the same way. I was ecstatic. We spent our nights talking to each other.

I loved every moment of beautiful relationship. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been if that day it wouldn’t have rained, if there wouldn’t have been so much rush, if she wouldn’t have banged my specs off my face, if she would have been a little late. There are so many ifs but what happened has stayed me forever and I will cherish it for life.

I never believed much in destiny but when I look back at the incident, I feel that it surely exists. It is been five years and next month is our first marriage anniversary. How that impact on my specs made me fall in love. Surely sometimes an impact is enough to strike that tune of love in your life.

This is how an impact introduced me to love of my life. 

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.